Differences Between Consuming & Smoking Cannabis

Eating and smoking weed are two distinct methods of ingesting marijuana, a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant and prohibited in many countries. Despite its illegal status, weed is still consumed by a significant number of individuals globally. It contains over 400 chemical compounds, some of which are believed to be harmful to mental health.

Key Takeaways

  • Weed can be consumed by smoking or eating, with smoking being the more popular method.
  • Effects of smoking weed are felt more quickly but last for a shorter period of time than when consumed through eating.
  • Eating weed, such as in baked goods, can lead to a stronger and longer-lasting effect, but may also cause nausea or vomiting.

Weed is most commonly consumed through smoking, which involves rolling the substance in a thin piece of paper, similar to a cigarette, and inhaling the smoke. To maximize the effect of weed, some smokers use specially made straws of rice or wheat. Others use bongs, which can be purchased or made from a container at home.

Another method of consumption is eating weed by adding it to recipes, such as cakes or brownies. However, it is essential to ensure that this form of consumption is legal in your country. The preparation is simple, as weed is added to the ingredients without requiring any special cooking methods.

There are some differences between the two methods of consumption. Eating weed is more discreet, as it doesn’t have the telltale signs of smoking. Additionally, the effects of eating weed take longer to manifest but last significantly longer than smoking. The onset of effects is instant with smoking, as the substance goes directly into the body’s system. When weed is eaten, the effects may take up to an hour to be felt but can last up to four times longer than when smoked. This means that caution must be exercised when adding weed to recipes, as consuming too much can result in a prolonged psychedelic effect and potential harm to the individual.

In summary, while smoking weed is more popular, some people prefer to eat it in the form of cakes and brownies. The onset of effects is quicker when smoking, but the effects last longer when eaten. There is also a difference in the sensation experienced, with eating weed providing a more body-focused high compared to smoking. Finally, eating weed may cause vomiting or nausea, which is not typically experienced with smoking.

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