Distinguishing Academic & Business Writing

Academic Writing

Academic writing is a style that students encounter when given assignments on various topics by their professors. The writing style depends on the purpose to be achieved and is often prompted by the professor. Academic writing aims to impress the reader, often the student’s instructor, to demonstrate the depth of the student’s knowledge. Usually, the only person who reads what a student has written is their instructor. The format in academic writing is mostly confined to research papers, essays, and sometimes lab reports. It involves showcasing the writer’s ability or depth of knowledge, meaning it is often better to write at length, with students encouraged by their instructors to write more.

Business Writing

In the business world, writing is very important, but the purpose differs significantly compared to academic writing. Business writing involves writing business letters such as proposals, reports, and plans. These letters can be written for audiences within an organization or for communication with audiences outside the organization. The writing style is concise and crisp, based on facts and does not need to be lengthy. There are no ornate styles for decorating the content, and cold facts serve the purpose well.

Key Takeaways

  • Business writing is clear, concise, and often shorter in length, while academic writing can be very lengthy to showcase a student’s knowledge.
  • The audience for business writing can be varied, while the audience for academic writing is usually just the instructor.
  • Academic writing may involve ornate styles, whereas business writing is typically full of cold facts only.
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen is a talented writer with a flair for developing captivating content in a range of formats. Her commitment to thorough research and producing top-notch material has contributed to over 4 years of professional writing and editing experience. Outside of work, Maria finds pleasure in solitary activities and immersing herself in nature. Her introspective nature and passion for self-reflection inspire her creativity. She believes that spending time alone and observing the natural world can provide valuable insights and foster personal growth, broadening her perspective as a writer.


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