Distinguishing Academic Writing from Technical Writing

Key Difference – Academic vs. Technical Writing

Academic and technical writing are two distinct writing styles, with differing purposes and target audiences. While both require strong writing skills, academic writing is used within academic disciplines and is generally aimed at scholars in a specific field. Technical writing, on the other hand, is used in technical disciplines and can be aimed at various types of audience, including lay people. The main goal of technical writing is to inform and clarify information in a concise manner.

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is employed in academic disciplines, including both natural and social sciences. Scholars use it for a variety of reasons, such as presenting new research findings or expressing a novel point of view. Academic writing uses specialized jargon and a distinctive style, which is often impersonal and includes inter-textuality, or the quoting of previous works to support or oppose certain arguments. Developing the ability to write academic articles requires extensive subject knowledge and excellent writing skills.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is utilized in technical disciplines such as engineering, computer technology, and electronics. Its purpose is to inform the reader effectively and concisely, and the term “technical communication” is often used to describe it, as it assists the user or reader in accomplishing a particular goal through information. One of the main objectives of technical writing is to simplify complex information for the user, and it can appear in various forms, including manuals, proposals, resumes, reports, websites, and descriptions.

What is the difference between Academic and Technical Writing?

Definitions of Academic and Technical Writing:
Academic Writing: Academic writing is a form of writing employed in academic disciplines.
Technical Writing: Technical Writing is a form of writing used primarily in technical disciplines.

Features of Academic and Technical Writing:
Academic Writing: The purpose can be to express a point of view, present findings of new research, etc.
Technical Writing: The purpose is to inform and clarify something to the audience.

Academic Writing: Academic writing is aimed at scholars of a particular discipline.
Technical Writing: Technical Writing can be aimed at a particular group of individuals or even a lay person.

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