Distinguishing Acquire & Procure

Acquire vs Procure

It is crucial to understand the difference between acquire and procure, as they may seem similar but have distinct meanings. Acquire and procure are two English verbs with related meanings, but can they be used synonymously? This article will explore the differences between them.

What does Acquire mean?

The verb acquire refers to obtaining something for oneself through one’s actions or efforts, typically used for objects or assets. Acquire can also mean to obtain something by buying or being given it. Furthermore, it can mean to get a particular position, reputation, name, disease, or illness. Acquire can also refer to gradually developing or learning something. It is a verb in British English.

What does Procure mean?

Procure means to obtain something, especially with difficulty. It can be used as either procuring something for someone or procuring someone something. Procure can also mean to provide a prostitute for somebody. Moreover, procure is the American equivalent of acquire.

Key Takeaways

  • Acquire refers to obtaining something through one’s efforts or actions, while procure means to obtain something with difficulty.
  • Acquire is a British English term, while procure is an American English term.
  • Acquire can also mean to develop or learn something gradually, which is not a usage of procure.
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