Distinguishing Baptist & Pentecostal Denominations

Baptist vs Pentecostal

Baptist and Pentecostal are two groups within Christianity that share certain similarities while also having many differences in their beliefs. This article will distinguish the differences between Baptist and Pentecostal, beginning with a brief introduction of each group.


Baptists are members of the Protestant Christian denomination that advocate for baptism by total immersion of adult believers, as opposed to affusion or sprinkling. Baptists are diverse in their practices and are typically quiet in their praying and singing of hymns. Modesty is important to Baptists, who avoid contemporary music. For Baptists, faith is saved for eternity once they have received Jesus Christ as their savior and they are saved once they have repented their sins and prayed.


Pentecostals believe in the Holy Trinity but place more emphasis on the Spirit and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They believe that speaking in tongues (glossolalia) is the initial evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and that a person has not been saved until they have believed, been immersed, and received the “gift of the Holy Spirit.” Pentecostals do not believe in eternal salvation, thinking that one loses salvation once their faith is lost. Pentecostals are known for speaking in tongues and praying and singing hymns loudly. They typically dress modestly, avoiding jewelry and adornments, and believe that watching television and listening to music are sinful.

Key Takeaways

  • Pentecostals place more emphasis on the Spirit and Baptism of the Holy Spirit than Baptists do, who focus more on the belief in eternal salvation.
  • Baptists are more reserved in their worship practices, while Pentecostals often engage in more expressive and ecstatic forms of worship, such as speaking in tongues and praying loudly.
  • Both groups value modesty in dress and behavior, but Pentecostals tend to have stricter guidelines on attire and activities they consider sinful.
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