Distinguishing Bedspreads & Quilts: Key Differences

Bedspread vs Quilt

A bed is important for many people, as it offers a comfortable and restful sleep. This is why it’s essential to have a comfortable and attractive material or fabric on it. Bedspreads and quilts are two types of bedclothes that can be found laid over the bed. Despite some similarities, they have different functions and appearances. This article will explain the differences between bedspreads and quilts based on their appearance and purpose.


A bedspread is a decorative piece of cloth laid over a bed and is removed before a person sleeps at night. It is not a bed sheet or a bed cover, but a decoration for the bed, often large enough to cover all sides and sometimes touch the floor. The bedspread also covers the pillows, so they are not visible once the bedspread is laid on the bed. Therefore, a bedspread is larger than a coverlet.


A quilt is a piece of cloth designed to provide warmth to a person while sleeping. It is not meant to be slept on like a bed sheet but serves as a bed covering during the day, leading to confusion with a bedspread. Quilts typically have layers of cotton or other fabrics, or feathers, held in place by stitches in a pattern referred to as quilting. There are various patterns and designs made using quilting, and they are culturally significant as they are often presented as gifts on occasions such as childbirth, marriage, and anniversaries.

Key Takeaways

  • Both bedspreads and quilts are used as bed coverings during the day, which can cause confusion.
  • A bedspread is a decorative cloth that covers the bed and pillows, often reaching the floor on all sides.
  • A quilt is a pre-filled sheet designed to provide warmth, typically made with layers of fabrics, cotton, or feathers held in place with quilting stitches.
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