Distinguishing Between a Bassinet & a Cot

Key Difference – Bassinet vs Cot

Bassinets and cots are types of beds where small children sleep. The key difference between a bassinet and a cot is that a bassinet is used for infants who are only a few months old, whereas cots are used until a child reaches two or three years. However, some parents keep their babies in cots from the time they are born.

What is a Bassinet?

A bassinet, also known as a bassinette or cradle, is a small bed that is specially designed for infants. It has a basket-like structure that stands on free-standing legs; some bassinets have casters, which facilitate free movement. They are typically used to keep infants from the time they are born until they are about four months old. After three or four months, when babies start to roll by themselves, they are usually transferred to cots. There are different types of bassinets; some bassinets are light and portable, whereas some are less portable and sturdier. Bassinets are usually designed to allow babies to be carried from place to place. When stationary, they can be raised on a stand or other surfaces.

What is a Cot?

A cot (crib) is a small bed with high barred sides that is specially designed for babies or small children. Cots are typically used when the baby is a few months old, and it is no longer safe to leave him or her in a bassinet or Moses basket. Since a cot is wider and longer than a bassinet, the baby has more room to roll and stretch. However, once the child reaches two or three years – the stage where he or she can climb out of the cot, it is safer to transfer him or her to a child-bed. Cots are typically manufactured according to many safety measures. The high barred sides of the cot prevent the child from climbing out of the cot. The distance between each bar of the sides is also uniform, and this regular size ensures that the child’s head won’t slip between the bars. Special attention is also given to the material used in the cot to prevent any injuries or hazards. It is also important to note that the term cot is mostly used in British English. The American English equivalent of a cot is a crib. Cots can be portable or stationary; portable cots are often smaller in size and are made of lighter materials such as plastic. Cots may also have various features such as teething rails, drawers, casters, headboards, etc. Some cots also have removable sides, and these are known as cot beds.

What is the difference between Bassinet and Cot?

Bassinet: A bassinet is a child’s wicker cradle.
Cot: A cot is a small bed with high barred sides for a baby or young child.
Age Limit:
Bassinet: A bassinet is used for infants who are younger than four months.
Cot: A cot is typically used for children who are older than four months and younger than two or three years old.
Bassinet: A bassinet is smaller than a cot.
Cot: A cot is wider and longer than a bassinet.
Bassinet: Bassinets are typically portable.
Cot: Some cots may not be portable.
Lasting Time:
Bassinet: Bassinets cannot be used for a long time since the baby has to be transferred to a cot when he can move on his own.
Cot: Cots can be used for about three years; if it has removable sides, it can also be used as a child-bed.

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