Distinguishing Between a Church & a Parish

Most people are familiar with the concept of a church as a place of worship for Christians, and the building that contains the chapel where all sacred activities are performed. However, the concept of a parish can be more confusing, particularly for those who belong to other religions. A parish is not a building or a religious sect, but rather a community that includes all Catholic members within a geographical area who congregate in a particular church.

Key Takeaways

  • A church is a physical place of worship for Christians, while a parish is an organization of the Christian community.
  • There may be several churches under the jurisdiction of a parish in a geographical area.
  • The head of a parish is a parish priest called a pastor, and parishes may be formed even on ethnic and lingual basis.

In the Bible, the church is mentioned as being the body of Christ and was supposed to be in all homes, not as a big place for the congregation of Catholics. On the other hand, a parish is not a place but an organization made up of a Christian community in a location. When a child is born to any member of the community, the parish makes an entry and keeps a record of the Christian population in the area. It is possible to have many churches in a parish, and the person in charge of a parish is a parish priest, often referred to as a pastor, curate, or the local ordinary.

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