Distinguishing Between a Cover Letter & a Covering Letter

Cover Letter vs Covering Letter

Cover letters and covering letters essentially refer to the same thing. In the business world and in employment situations, it is common practice to send a separate letter as an introduction to all the material included in the envelope. By reading this letter, the recipient gains knowledge of all that has been sent to them. This letter is called a cover letter, as it literally covers all the material that has been sent. In some countries, a cover letter is mistakenly called a covering letter, while implying the same thing. The correct term is cover letter and should be spelled as “cover” and not “covering” in any communication, whether formal or informal. Both cover letter and covering letter serve the same purpose.

Key Takeaways

  • A cover letter is significant when an applicant sends their resume and relevant documents to a company where they wish to apply for a specific job.
  • The cover letter essentially serves as an introduction for the applicant and should clearly state why they want the job and why they are an ideal candidate.
  • A cover letter and resume go hand in hand and serve the same purpose, with the cover letter being a sales letter for the applicant’s CV.
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Gil Tillard
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