Distinguishing Between a Garage & a Carport

Garage vs Carport

We are all familiar with garages and their importance in providing safety and security for household cars. Some homeowners also construct carports to park their cars. Many people find it difficult to distinguish between a garage and a carport, as both structures can safely park an automobile. However, there are differences in construction and functionality that should be noted.


A garage is a small, permanent room constructed with brick and mortar that is part of the house. It is usually located at the front side, allowing homeowners to easily park their cars upon arrival and exit when needed. A garage has three walls and a shutter or gate at the front for entry and exit. It has proper lighting conditions and electrical wiring. Some homeowners have garages in their backyards, while others construct them as an extension to the house. Regardless of the location, a garage requires a significant investment due to its concrete and mortar construction. The safety and security of household cars depend on the garage, which can be locked when the owner leaves.


A carport is a semi-covered structure designed to park cars and provide limited protection. They are often open on two sides and are modular in the US, while having flat roofs in other countries. A carport is a cost-effective way to protect cars from elements such as rain, wind, and scorching heat from the sun. However, cars are not as safe under carports as they are inside garages. Building a carport is much easier and cheaper than constructing a garage.

Key Takeaways

  • A garage is a permanent room built with mortar and concrete, having three walls and a door, and is part of the house, while a carport is more like an awning and is open from two sides.
  • A garage is more expensive than a carport, which can also be erected easily and quickly.
  • While both a carport and a garage provide shelter for cars, a garage offers superior safety and security.
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