Distinguishing Between a Lodge & a Cabin

Lodge vs Cabin

Different structures are used for accommodation purposes, which sometimes causes confusion between lodges and cabins. These terms refer to structures used during outdoor adventures and also for inexpensive accommodation in urban areas. Despite their similarities, several differences exist between lodges and cabins.

Key Takeaways

  • Lodges are typically larger than cabins and found in urban areas, providing lodging facilities for travelers.
  • Cabins are small houses erected for temporary dwelling and can also refer to rooms for pilots in aircraft or rooms for passengers on ships.
  • Lodges can be found in various settings, such as game and safari lodges in Africa or ski and hunting lodges, while cabins are often associated with log cabins made of wooden logs.

A lodge is a type of hotel that offers lodging for tourists and travelers. It is generally simpler and quieter than a hotel, with rooms available but no room service. Lodges have rooms with attached or shared bathrooms and basic amenities, with some also providing food. The main purpose of a lodge is to offer overnight accommodation at a lower cost than hotels. Although lodges and inns were once common in urban areas, their numbers have decreased over time. In Africa, the term “lodge” is used for accommodations within a game or safari. Ski lodges and hunting lodges are also available for adventure tourists and hunters, respectively.

The term “lodge” may also refer to a structure built for the accommodation of a gatekeeper or security guard at the entrance of a large property.

On the other hand, “cabin” usually denotes a room for pilots in an aircraft or rooms for passengers on a ship or vessel. However, it can also refer to an accommodation structure, in which case it becomes synonymous with cottage, shanty, shack, and hut. For example, structures called cottages in Canada are referred to as cabins in the United States. Log cabins made of wooden logs are a particularly iconic type of cabin.

In general, a cabin is a small house constructed for temporary dwelling, typically containing only a few rooms.

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