Distinguishing Between a Lodge & an Inn

Lodge and inn are two types of accommodation in tourism. Lodge is a place that mainly provides accommodation whereas an inn is an establishment that provides food, drink and accommodation. This is the key difference between lodge and inn. However, it is also important to notice that the traditional difference between these establishments are sometimes no longer applicable since names such as lodge and inn are used as the names of these establishments.

What is a Lodge?

A lodge is a place that provides accommodation in exchange for payment. Lodges are usually located at rural and rustic places such as mountain tops, beaches and forests. They are usually preferred by people on holiday or by sports enthusiasts. For example, ski lodges are usually occupied by skiers and hunting lodges are preferred by those who prefer to hunt. Such customers may stay in the lodge for several days. The amenities in these accommodations can vary according to different factors such as luxury level, location and price. A lodge is usually smaller in size than a hotel.

What is an Inn?

An inn is a small establishment where travellers can seek food and drink and accommodation. They are mostly used for overnight stays. They are typically located in the countryside or along the highway. Inns are typically like bread and breakfasts and have a community dining room, which was used for town gatherings.
In the past, inns also provided accommodation for the horses. However, nowadays, there is no real difference between inns and other types of establishments such as lodges and motels.

What is the difference between Lodge and Inn?

Type of Accommodation:
Lodge may be preferred for a few days accommodation.
Inn is preferred for overnight accommodation.
Lodge may not provide food and drink.
Inn provides food and drink.
Lodges are located in a rustic setting.
Inns are usually located along a highway.
Lodges are used for sports enthusiasts.
Inns are usually used by travellers.

Key Takeaways

  • A lodge primarily provides accommodation, while an inn provides food, drink, and accommodation.
  • Lodges are typically found in rural and rustic settings, while inns are located along highways or in the countryside.
  • Lodges are often used by sports enthusiasts or vacationers, while inns are frequented by travelers for overnight stays.
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