Distinguishing Between a Profession & a Job

Profession vs Job

The difference between a profession and a job may not seem apparent to many people. In fact, terms like employment, job, career, and profession often seem closely interrelated. However, there is a significant difference between the two terms that we will discuss in this article. A job is a small part that comes under a profession, and a profession has more value than a job. Despite their differences, it is essential to remember that these two terms are interrelated.

What is a Profession?

A profession indicates a broad field. It is something for which we have studied and requires educational qualifications and training. For instance, to be considered a medical professional, you should have good knowledge in the field of medicine. As there are different fields even under medicine, such as doctoring and nursing, you need to have strong knowledge in one area and training in the field. You are paid for your service when you provide your service to patients based on your formal qualifications and training.

What is a Job?

A job is a much narrower concept than a profession. A profession creates the place for a job. A job is a position given to you by a company based on your qualifications. For example, you can be a professional in education, and your job could be a nursery teacher. In the education profession, your job as a nursery teacher is the way you use your qualifications and experience to earn a living while providing your services.

Key Takeaways

  • A profession is a broad field that requires educational qualifications and training, while a job is a narrower concept and a position given by a company based on your qualifications.
  • A profession is larger than a job and contains many jobs performed by different people with different qualifications.
  • You can change jobs more easily than professions, as changing professions means learning something entirely new.
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