Distinguishing Between a Scientist & a Researcher

Scientist vs Researcher

Many people believe they understand the roles of scientists and researchers, as there are often job openings for these positions in various private organizations and government departments. However, there can be confusion regarding whether a researcher is also a scientist, or if a scientist is a researcher. This article aims to clarify the differences and similarities between these professional categories.

Key Takeaways

  • A researcher is someone who engages in scientific research as their primary occupation, but research can also be non-scientific in nature.
  • A scientist is a subcategory of researcher who focuses on scientific subjects such as physics or other natural sciences.
  • There are two types of research: basic research, which adds to existing knowledge in a field, and applied research, which has practical applications such as creating new products or treatments.

There are various titles given to those involved in research, such as research scholars, research scientists, scientists, and researchers. The main difference lies in the type of research they are conducting. A researcher can be involved in any field of study, not just scientific research. For example, someone researching aspects of religion may be referred to as a Biblical scholar rather than a researcher or scientist. Similarly, a journalist who conducts research is also considered a researcher.

Basic and applied research are the two primary types of research conducted by both scientists and researchers. Basic research contributes to the existing body of knowledge in a particular field of study, while applied research has more practical applications, such as creating new goods, drugs, or other useful products. A chemist may engage in basic research while pursuing their doctorate, but they could also be involved in applied research when working as a scientist in a lab, developing new treatments for diseases.

A scientist is an individual trained and skilled in one or more areas of science who conducts research through experimentation in a scientific manner. Scientists seek to create a better, improved, and healthier world while also enhancing our understanding and knowledge of nature and science-based subjects. It’s important to distinguish scientists from engineers, who focus on developing better products and appliances.

Difference Between Scientist and Researcher

  • A scientist is also a researcher, as they test hypotheses and verify observations and facts.
  • A researcher is a more general term for someone who studies a subject to gain a better understanding of facts, and they may be a scientist or a scholar in their field.
  • When a person conducts research in the field of religion, they are called a research scholar rather than a research scientist.

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