Distinguishing Between a Sweater & a Sweatshirt

Sweater vs Sweatshirt

To protect ourselves during colder seasons, we have various garments available for our upper body and arms, such as sweaters and sweatshirts. These unisex garments are worn by people of all ages and come in many different styles, sizes, and colors. Both sweaters and sweatshirts provide protection and warmth during winter, but people have different preferences when it comes to choosing between these two garments. This article aims to highlight the differences between a sweater and a sweatshirt.


For younger people, stylish garments may be preferred, while jackets and sweatshirts are worn for warmth during winter. However, for seniors, sweaters are a familiar garment. A sweater is a garment for the upper body and arms, worn over a T-shirt, shirt, blouse, or top. It is always knitted and made from wool obtained from sheep or rabbits. Nowadays, there are sweaters made from acrylic material or cotton, but their primary purpose is to keep the wearer warm in chilly conditions. Early sweaters were mostly V-necked, but they have since evolved into different shapes such as round neck, collared, and zipped. Sweaters are considered formal wear, with people often wearing them in workplaces. There are front-open sweaters called cardigans and pullovers, which are closed in front and are either round neck or V-neck. Sleeveless sweaters are also available.


A sweatshirt is a garment made from cotton hosiery material on the outside and has a fleece-like material inside to keep the wearer warm during winter. It covers the upper body and arms of the user and is worn by men and women of all ages. Sweatshirts are available in various shapes and styles, with companies that manufacture sports apparel also producing sweatshirts. They also have the quality of absorbing sweat from the body during exercise or sport, which is why many athletes and players are seen wearing them. Sweatshirts can be round neck, zipped with a collar, or front open with a hood that remains on the back casually, though it is to be worn over the head when it is raining or snowing.

Key Takeaways

  • Sweaters have been in use since ancient times, while sweatshirts arrived much later.
  • Sweaters are considered more formal, while sweatshirts are sporty and worn casually.
  • Sweatshirts serve the dual purpose of providing warmth and absorbing sweat, while sweaters are meant just to provide warmth.
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