Distinguishing Between a Teacher & an Instructor

Teacher and Instructor are two terms that are often confused due to the perceived similarity in their meanings. However, they are two distinct words that convey different meanings. The term ‘teacher’ is typically used to describe a ‘trainer’ or ‘educator’, while ‘instructor’ is used to refer to a ‘coach’. The main difference between the two lies in this distinction.

A coach usually provides instruction to players or trainees during training sessions, which is why the term ‘instructor’ is more appropriate for describing a coach. Conversely, a teacher is someone who imparts knowledge or trains students by providing information about a subject. In some ways, a coach can also be considered a teacher since they teach the basics of a subject before coaching students or players.

Key Takeaways

  • Instruction deals with the practical aspects of a subject or art, while teaching deals with the theoretical aspects.
  • A teacher focuses on the ‘what to do’ aspects of a subject or art, whereas an instructor emphasizes the ‘how to do’ aspects.
  • Teachers are appointed by educational institutions and their jobs are usually permanent, while instructors are appointed by training camps or retreats and their jobs are generally temporary.
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
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