Distinguishing Between a Tiara & a Crown

Tiara vs Crown

The term crown is often associated with royalty, referring to the headgear worn by monarchs in the past. It was primarily an ornamental piece that symbolized authority for kings and queens. On the other hand, a tiara is a type of crown mainly worn by women as a decorative headpiece. This article explores the distinctions between these two forms of ornamental headwear.


Throughout the history of monarchies, crowns have served as symbols of authority and were worn by kings and emperors. Even today, we see queens and kings donning these headpieces during formal ceremonies or when addressing their subjects. A crown typically features a circular base made of valuable metals and is adorned with intricate designs to enhance its appearance. Many religious deities are also depicted wearing crowns.

Crowns are generally valuable, featuring numerous jewels embedded in them. Various empires and dynasties around the world have had their own unique headgear or crowns to distinguish their rulers from the rest of the population. There was a time when only gods and rulers were meant to wear crowns.


A tiara is a semi-circular ornament worn by women on formal occasions. Initially, it was intended to be worn by women of royal families. Nowadays, tiaras are worn by young girls at festivals and ceremonies, as well as by brides during weddings. Queen Elizabeth is known to have a vast collection of tiaras, and bridal tiaras are considered an essential part of a bride’s attire.

Tiaras generally cover only the front of the head. However, the Papal tiara is an exception as it is quite tall and features three layers. At one point, Popes wore this triple tiara during formal occasions to address their followers.

Key Takeaways

• Crowns have been worn by kings and queens across different civilizations as a symbol of authority and superiority.
• A tiara is a type of crown with a semi-circular base, typically worn by women.
• The primary differences between a crown and a tiara include the shape of their bases, the area of the head they cover, and the gender of the individuals who wear them.

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