Distinguishing Between Abolish & Demolish

Key Difference – Abolish vs Demolish

Abolish and demolish are two terms that both signify putting an end to something. However, demolish refers to causing destruction or damage to something so that it cannot be repaired, while abolish means to officially put an end to something. The main distinction between the two is that abolish is usually used in the context of laws, systems, or practices, while demolish is used for buildings or structures.

What Does Abolish Mean?

Abolish refers to officially ending or stopping something. This term is typically used to describe the termination of practices, systems, laws, or institutions. It is a transitive verb, meaning it cannot be used without an object. The noun form of abolish is abolishment.

– Slavery was abolished in 1865.
– The president decided to abolish the tax last year.
– He argued that the death penalty should be abolished.

What Does Demolish Mean?

Demolish means to destroy or damage something so that it cannot be repaired. This term is mainly used when discussing the destruction of buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures.

– The old house was demolished to make way for the new apartment complex.
– The school decided to demolish the old hall because it was too costly to maintain.
– They used explosives to demolish the building.

Demolish is also a transitive verb, which means it must be followed by an object. The nouns for demolish are demolishment or demolition.

What is the difference between Abolish and Demolish?

– Abolish signifies officially putting an end to something, while demolish means causing destruction or tearing down something.
– Abolish is used for laws, practices, systems, and institutions, while demolish is used for buildings and other structures.
– The noun forms are abolishment for abolish and demolishment or demolition for demolish.

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