Distinguishing Between Adventurous & Adventuresome

Key Difference – Adventurous vs Adventuresome

The English language consists of words that sound almost synonymous but carry a slight difference in terms of their meaning. The words adventurous and adventuresome can be considered as an example for such a situation. The words adventurous and adventuresome carry almost the same meaning since both are derived from the noun ‘adventure’. But when focusing on the usage, one notices a slight difference. This can be penned down as follows. The term adventurous is more widely used and carries a broader meaning in comparison to adventuresome, which carries a narrower scope of meaning.

What is Adventurous?

We all have heard the word adventurous being used for individuals, activities, objects and even when speaking of ideas. Adventurous highlights a certain innate desire to undertake risks. This can even border on the danger to self. When speaking of individuals, some are naturally adventurous; these are the people who undertake risks just to enjoy the thrill of it. But while some people are adventurous, others are not. These are parts of the individual character. For instance, the willingness of an individual to take up a bold venture highlights the adventurous spirit that he has. A person who seeks adventure is known as an adventurer.

He was such an adventurous young man who was even willing to gamble with his life.
Unlike her siblings, she was always adventurous.
Adventurous can also be used to refer to an activity, experience, or object that is full of danger.
The scientists began an adventurous expedition to the Amazon.
They decided to embark on an adventurous journey.
My youth as a social worker was truly an adventurous experience.
Also, adventurous can be used when speaking of exciting but dangerous activities or experiences. These experiences can often be unusual.
As an Egyptologist, she has an adventurous profession.
They have had an adventurous time in Greece.

What is Adventuresome?

The word adventuresome is an adjective that can be used to describe nouns. This usually refers to the inclination to engage in risky activities. Adventuresome can be used for both individuals as well as activities. Here are some examples.
We all adored his adventuresome spirit.
The team always engaged in adventuresome sports just for the thrill of it.

What is the difference between Adventurous and Adventuresome?

Definitions of Adventurous and Adventuresome:
Adventurous: Adventurous highlights the willingness to undertake daring experiences. This also indicates danger and risk.
Adventuresome: Adventuresome refers to the inclination to engage in risky activities.
Characteristics of Adventurous and Adventuresome:
Risk and danger:
Adventurous: The word denotes risk and danger.
Adventuresome: Similar to the word adventurous, adventuresome also denotes risk and danger.
Adventurous: The word is widely used.
Adventuresome: The word is less used.
Scope of meaning:
Adventurous: The word has a broad scope.
Adventuresome: The word has a narrow scope.

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