Distinguishing Between an Artist & an Artisan

Key Difference – Artist vs Artisan

The terms artist and artisan are often confusing, although there is a key distinction between the two. An artist is a person who practices any of the creative arts, such as painting or music. An artisan, however, is a skilled worker who creates items by hand. The main difference is that while an artisan’s product has clear functional value, this may not be the case for an artist, whose output can be an expression of art’s beauty without having any functional value. This article will discuss the differences between an artist and an artisan.

Who is an Artist?

An artist is someone who practices any creative art, encompassing all forms of art. For example, a person who paints can be called an artist. In the modern world, the term “artist” is also used for musicians. It is important to note that the term “artist” is not only attributed to those who create art as an occupation, but also to those who are skilled in a particular activity such as drawing, designing, or composing. Artists can create art for the sake of art itself without needing any ulterior motives. Some artists create works of art for the satisfaction of society, while others go beyond societal restrictions and create art for the pleasure of creating. It is believed that artists can create change in society through art, as it appeals to all senses of people.

Who is an Artisan?

An artisan is a skilled worker who creates things by hand, including various objects ranging from jewelry to furniture. An artisan should not be confused with an artist because there is a clear difference in the things they create. An artisan produces something that has functional value, although it should not be limited to its use value alone. However, there are instances where the objects created by an artisan have only decorative value. Most artisans have the skill of adding aesthetic value to the objects they create, transcending the object from a mere object of utility. This is why most handmade objects are much more expensive than mass-produced objects.

Key Takeaways

  • An artist practices creative arts, while an artisan creates items by hand.
  • An artist’s work may not have functional value, while an artisan’s work has a clear functional value.
  • Both artists and artisans can create objects with artistic and aesthetic value, but artists often focus on art for art’s sake, while artisans create functional items.
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