Distinguishing Between an Interview & an Interrogation

Interview and interrogation are both methods of obtaining information, but they differ in their approach and atmosphere. An interview is typically a polite conversation between a candidate and a panel of experts, conducted in a non-threatening environment, with the goal of determining the candidate’s qualifications for a job or obtaining their opinion on a particular topic. Interrogation, on the other hand, involves questioning suspects in a more aggressive manner, often with the intent of obtaining a confession, and can involve emotional and psychological warfare between the interrogator and the suspect.

Key Takeaways

  • An interview is a polite conversation conducted in a non-threatening environment, while an interrogation is more aggressive and often aims to obtain a confession.
  • Interviews are typically one-way communication, with the interviewer asking questions and the candidate providing answers, while interrogations involve cross-questioning and a more confrontational dynamic.
  • Interviews can be used for various purposes, including job selection, obtaining opinions, or gathering information from clients, whereas interrogations are primarily used by law enforcement to question suspects, victims, and witnesses.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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