Distinguishing Between Appendix & Annexure

Appendix vs Annexure

Appendix and Annexure are two terms that are often confused due to their meanings. They are distinct words that convey different meanings and connotations. An appendix refers to a section of additional information in a book, usually found in academic books, research projects, and papers. It provides a lot of information to the reader, with the nature of the information varying from one document to another. The main purpose of an appendix is to reinforce the arguments made by the writer. In contrast, an annexure provides later additions to the reader. This article will explore the concepts of appendix and annexure, while highlighting their differences.

What is Appendix?

An appendix is a section of additional information in a book, typically added towards the end of a thesis or a dissertation. The appendix should contain any matter that supports the overall purpose of the subject matter of the thesis. The term appendix is commonly used in the research field.

For example, a researcher in the field of language may write a thesis based on the contribution of rhetoricians to the field of rhetoric, particularly figures of speech. In this case, the researcher would include an appendix related to the subject matter, such as a list of figures of speech discussed by various rhetoricians of the past.

The plural form of the word ‘appendix’ is ‘appendices’. An appendix demonstrates the extent of research conducted by the researcher, who can present various appendices to support their research findings. Appendices provide an advantage to the researcher by offering additional information that was not provided in earlier chapters. This allows the researcher to better support their conclusions and findings. In the case of an annexure, the purpose is different.

What is Annexure?

An annexure is an addition to a document, commonly used in business models and ideas. This distinction highlights a difference between an appendix and an annexure: while an annexure is found in business models, an appendix is a term used in the research field. An annexure is added towards the end of a document to indicate later additions to the document. In contrast, an appendix does not include later additions.

Another meaning of ‘annexure’ is a separate or added building, particularly for extra accommodation. The concept of ‘extra’ prevails in the addition of an ‘annexure’, indicating that an appendix and an annexure are not the same but two different words.

Key Takeaways

  • An appendix is an addition made towards the end of a thesis or a dissertation, while an annexure is an addition to a document used mostly in business models and ideas.
  • An annexure is added towards the end of a document, indicating later additions to the document, whereas an appendix does not have later additions.
  • An appendix provides further information that strengthens the arguments made by the researcher, but in an annexure, this is not the case.
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