Distinguishing Between Au Pairs & Nannies

An Au Pair is an assistant from another country who works and lives with a host family, typically taking on childcare responsibilities. They receive an allowance for their work and must adhere to government regulations for Au Pairs. Originating from Europe, Au Pairs often work part-time and study during their stay, aiming to learn the language and customs of the host country. The term “Au Pair” is French for “Equal To” or “On a Par,” emphasizing that the Au Pair should be treated as an equal member of the family.

A Nanny, on the other hand, is a person who provides childcare for a family, either while the parents are away or even if they are at home. Nannies are usually responsible for the complete care of the child within the home. Historically, nannies were considered servants in large households, reporting directly to the lady of the house. Professional nannies are often certified in First Aid and may have a degree or certification in child development.

Key Takeaways

  • Au Pairs are from another country and live with the host family, while Nannies are from the same country as the family and may or may not live in the family’s home.
  • Au Pairs are given a bedroom, daily meals, and salary, whereas Nannies may not receive these benefits, depending on the employer’s preferences.
  • Au Pairs are treated like equal members of the family and have restrictions on their work hours, while Nannies may be treated as servants and have more flexible work arrangements.
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