Distinguishing Between Bangles & Bracelets

Bangle vs Bracelet

Jewelry is a universally cherished possession, with a wide variety of types and styles available. Among the most popular hand adornments are bangles and bracelets. But how do these two pieces of jewelry differ from each other?

What is a Bangle?

A bangle is a type of jewelry worn on the hand, often associated with South Asian traditions, particularly in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Bangles are typically round, although various shapes and sizes exist today. In South Asia, new brides commonly wear bangles on both wrists, with the honeymoon ending when the last bangle breaks. In Hinduism, bangles hold significant importance, as it is considered inauspicious for a married woman to be without them.

Bangles have a long history, with figurines from 2600 BC depicting women wearing them. Bangles made from materials such as copper, seashell, bronze, agate, gold, and chalcedony have been found in archaeological sites around the world. Today, bangles are primarily made from silver or gold, but plastic, glass, and copper bangles are also popular.

What is a Bracelet?

A bracelet is a loop or a series of intertwined loops of material, such as chain or strap, worn around the wrist for decorative purposes. Bracelets are flexible and often made from silver, gold, metal, cloth, or plastic, sometimes adorned with precious or semi-precious stones and crystals. They typically feature a clasp for securing them around the wrist.

The history of bracelets dates back to 5000 BC in Ancient Greece, where the Scarab Bracelet symbolized regeneration and rebirth. Today, various types of bracelets exist, including charm bracelets, slap bracelets, bead bracelets, health bracelets, sports bracelets, and ankle bracelets.

What is the difference between Bangle and Bracelet?

While they may appear similar, there are several differences between bangles and bracelets:

Key Takeaways

  • Bracelets originated in Egypt and are more popular in Western cultures, whereas bangles originated in South Asia and remain important in South Asian culture.
  • Bangles are rigid and non-flexible, while bracelets are usually malleable.
  • Bracelets typically have a clasp for fastening them around the wrist, while bangles do not and are slipped on over the hand.
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