Distinguishing Between Basis & Bases

Key Difference – Basis vs. Bases

Basis and bases are two words that can be confusing for English learners due to their similar sounds and meanings. Base refers to something used as a foundation or basis, while basis means the underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process. Bases can be the plural form of basis or base. The primary distinction between basis and bases is that basis is a singular noun, while bases is the plural form of either base or basis.

What Does Basis Mean?

Basis refers to the underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process. It can also refer to the justification for something or the system or principle according to which an activity or process is carried out. For example:

– The company was accused of hiring employees based on religion.
– These rumors about their marriage had no basis.
– There is no scientific basis for these claims; therefore, they cannot be accepted as true.
– What’s your basis for disagreeing with this proposal?
– This old folktale is probably the basis of this book.
– He wanted to know the basis of all these theories.

What Does Bases Mean?

The word bases can refer to the plural form of basis or the plural form of base. The following example sentences will help you understand this word more clearly.

Plural of Basis:
– What are the bases of your arguments?
– The same beliefs that unify a country can also be the bases of their destruction.

Plural of Base:
– The noun base has several meanings, including: the lowest part or edge of something, a conceptual structure or entity on which something depends, and a place used as a center of operations by the armed forces or others.

– All four bases were attacked at once.
– Logs were used as bed rests and table bases.
– He wanted to examine the bases of these theories.
– Plaque at the base of the Normandy memorial tree, Grosvenor Park, Chester.

What is the Difference Between Basis and Bases?

– Basis is a singular noun.
– Bases is a plural noun.

– Basis refers to the underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process.
– Bases can refer to the plural of basis or plural of base.

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