Distinguishing Between Because & Since

Because vs. Since

The difference between “because” and “since” can be confusing. Although both words function as conjunctions, they have different meanings and uses. “Because” is used in the sense of “for the reason that” and cannot be used at the beginning of a sentence. In contrast, “since” can be used at the beginning of a sentence, as it also functions as a preposition. “Since” is used in the middle of a sentence as well, separating two sentences.

Meaning of Because

“Because” is used as a conjunction, meaning “for the reason that.” For example:
– Lucy did not write the exam well because she did not prepare well.
– Francis did not buy the book because he had no money.
In both sentences, “because” is used to join two separate sentences and answer the question “why.”

Meaning of Since

“Since” can be used as a conjunction and a preposition. As a conjunction, it means “because” or “for the reason that.” As a preposition, it indicates a time period, meaning “from.” For example:
– Robert was on leave yesterday since he suffered from fever.
– Lucy could not bring the book since she lost it.
In both sentences, “since” is used to explain the reason behind an event. As a preposition, “since” can be used in sentences like “She has been ill since last week,” meaning “She has been ill from last week.”

Key Takeaways

  • Because is used as a conjunction and means “for the reason that.”
  • Since can be used as both a conjunction and a preposition, meaning “for the reason that” or “from.”
  • Because cannot be used at the beginning of a sentence, while since can be used in the beginning or middle of a sentence.
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