Distinguishing Between Blunts, Joints, & Spliffs

Blunt vs Joint vs Spliff

Marijuana consumption comes in various forms, with one popular method being to roll it in thin paper. Rolling cannabis is an art that is appreciated and understood by those who frequently smoke it. Many cannabis enthusiasts keep a stock of rolling papers on hand to be prepared for their next smoke session. The term joint is commonly used to describe cannabis rolled in paper. However, other terms like blunt and spliff are also used by marijuana users, leading to confusion among some people. This article aims to provide clarity on these terms.

A joint is the general term used for cannabis rolled in paper. Different terms are used for this rolled-up cigarette worldwide. In many European countries, it is called a spliff, and people often insert a business card on one side of the roll as a mouthpiece. Some individuals call this business card end of the joint a roach. In some locations, the term spliff is used to describe a specific type of joint containing marijuana and tobacco. Interestingly, in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands where the term spliff originated, it is used to refer to a joint containing only marijuana. If you smoke a cigarette filled with marijuana, you are said to be smoking a spliff.

Blunt is a term initially used for a marijuana cigarette made by emptying a cigar’s contents and inserting cannabis inside it. However, nowadays, a blunt can be anything that is converted into a cannabis cigarette.

Key Takeaways

  • Joints, spliffs, and blunts all describe rolled products used for smoking marijuana.
  • Joint is the most generic term of the three.
  • Spliff originated in the West Indies, referring to a marijuana cigarette, while European countries and North America use it to describe a cigarette containing marijuana and tobacco. Blunt was once used for a cigar emptied and filled with marijuana.
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