Distinguishing Between BSc & BA Degrees

BSc vs BA

Before diving into the differences between BSc and BA, it is important to note that after completing 10+2, students should determine their priorities and choose a bachelor’s degree accordingly. In today’s world, a bachelor’s degree is more of a stepping stone towards higher education or professional degrees. An undergraduate degree can be in various subjects, with those related to humanities and social sciences falling under BA (Bachelor of Arts), while those from the science stream are categorized as BSc (Bachelor of Science). This article will discuss the differences in content, scope, and approach of study between BA and BSc degrees.

A bachelor’s degree typically lasts for 3 years and aims to provide students with a generalized knowledge in a wide range of areas rather than specializing in a single subject. As a result, 3 or more subjects from arts or science streams are taught in a BA or BSc degree course, with the focus on theoretical knowledge and minimal emphasis on research.

Key Takeaways

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) comprises subjects from humanities and languages, while BSc (Bachelor of Science) provides generalized knowledge in science-related subjects.
  • Both BA and BSc degrees serve as a stepping stone to higher education and offer degree holders the opportunity to apply for jobs after graduation.
  • Confusion may arise between BSc and BA as different universities follow different methods when offering a degree; generally, BA is for arts stream and BSc is for science stream, but some universities deviate from this convention.

What is BA?

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and includes subjects from humanities and languages such as literature, history, geography, sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc. Different colleges and universities offer various combinations of these subjects, and undergraduates need to choose from them. After completing a BA degree, graduates can enter the professional world, which has a wide scope. For example, if a student studies Sociology, they can become an advice worker, counselor, social researcher, or social worker upon graduation.

What is BSc?

BSc stands for Bachelor of Science and provides generalized knowledge at the university level in subjects chosen from physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, zoology, etc. Like BA degrees, various colleges offer different subject combinations for BSc degrees, and students must choose accordingly. BSc degree holders can also find numerous job opportunities upon successful completion of their degree. For example, a graduate with a BSc in Biomedical Science may become a teacher, lab assistant, or senior healthcare officer.

What is the difference between BSc and BA?

The major difference between BA and BSc lies in the subjects chosen for study. BA consists of subjects from humanities and languages, while BSc focuses on science-related subjects. Students can choose either a BA or BSc based on their interests and aptitudes, as well as weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both. Art subjects may be more suitable for those without a scientific approach or aptitude, while those who dread math may be better off pursuing a BA rather than a BSc.

Both BA and BSc degrees come in two types: Special degrees and General degrees. A general degree lasts for three years and covers several subjects, while a special degree lasts for four years and focuses on one subject. However, the duration of these degrees may vary depending on the university offering them.

Upon completing a BA, graduates become eligible for an MA (Master of Arts), while those who have completed a BSc are eligible for an MSc (Master of Science). Sometimes confusion arises between BSc and BA degrees, as different universities follow different methods when offering degrees. Generally, BA is for the arts stream and BSc is for the science stream, but some universities go against this convention. For example, some liberal arts colleges in the US offer only BA degrees, even for natural sciences, and Northwestern University’s School of Communication grants only BSc degrees for subjects such as dance and theater. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the university offering the degree and the subject areas covered by it.

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