Distinguishing Between Buffet & A la Carte Dining

Key Difference – Buffet vs A la Carte

Buffet and a la carte are two styles of serving food to guests in a restaurant or hotel. In buffet style, food is placed in a public place, and the diners can serve themselves as they like. In contrast, a la carte is a plated, sit-down meal, which is served by waiters. This is the key difference between buffet and a la carte. Also, there lies a difference between buffet and a la carte in the price too; buffets often have a fixed price whereas a la carte charges for each food item chosen by the guest.

What Does Buffet Mean?

Buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the guests can serve themselves. This is a convenient method for feeding a large number of people with minimal staff. Buffets are often served at crowded places such as hotels, restaurants, and many social functions.

Many people like buffets because they can directly see the food items and decide what are the items they want and how much they want to eat. However, some may not like buffets because of the long line or the casual atmosphere.

Buffets can be classified into different types based on the type of food they serve. Finger buffets include a variety of small and delicate food which can be eaten by fingers, whereas hot (buffets where hot food is served) and cold buffets (buffets where hot food is not served) involve utensils and dishware.

What does A la Carte Mean?

A la carte is a French phrase meaning according to the menu. A restaurant that prices items a la carte will list these items in a printed menu or write them on a board. The difference between a la carte and set menu or buffet is the price and preference. If you choose to order food a la carte, each food item will have a price associated with it. However, you can also pick and choose which food you’d like to order. You’ll be charged for each food item you’ve chosen.

A la carte is also an available option at some events such as weddings, parties, and other formal occasions. If you opt for an a la carte style, the guests will be offered a plated, sit-down meal, which is served by waiters. It’d contain at least three courses: an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. This style would make an event appear more classy and formal.

What is the difference between Buffet and A la Carte?


In Buffet, food is placed in a public place and the guests serve themselves.
A la carte is a plated, sit-down meal served by waiters.


Buffets create a casual and informal atmosphere.
A la carte creates a formal atmosphere.


Buffets often have a fixed price; the guests can eat all they want.
A la carte charges for each food item.


Buffets can be managed with a minimum staff.
A la carte needs more wait staff.

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