Distinguishing Between Case Study & Descriptive Research Approaches

Case Study vs Descriptive Approach to Research

Case study and descriptive approach are two distinct aspects within the realm of research conducted in a given field. It is crucial to understand that these aspects differ in terms of their study and presentation. A case study is often conducted in various fields, but it is most commonly seen in the field of social science. It involves a deep investigation of the behavior of a single group, individual, or event. In fact, a case study can be either descriptive or explanatory in nature. A single instance or event is chosen for study, and it will be investigated for months while adhering to a protocol. A limited number of variables will also be thoroughly examined in the case of a case study.

On the other hand, the descriptive approach involves more statistical study than investigation. It serves as the foundation for conducting a survey investigation and involves the use of averages, frequencies, and other statistical calculations. Mathematical statistics and probability play a vital role in the descriptive approach of research study. In short, the descriptive approach deals with anything that can be counted and studied. This is the primary difference between a case study and a descriptive approach.

Key Takeaways

  • A case study is more of a research strategy, while the descriptive approach is not considered a research strategy but a part of research.
  • Empirical inquiry is the backbone of a case study, whereas statistical calculation is the backbone of the descriptive approach.
  • Case study contributes to qualitative research, whereas the descriptive approach contributes to quantitative research.

Both aspects of research should be conducted to yield fruitful results and strengthen a given field. These are the differences between case study and descriptive approach.

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