Distinguishing Between Church & Chapel

Church vs Chapel

The differences between a church and a chapel can be difficult to identify for those who are not Christians. A church is definitely a Christian place of worship, but a chapel’s definition can be unclear. Dictionaries define a church as a building used by Christians for worship, and a chapel as a smaller building for Christian worship. The difference is not just in size, but also in a few more aspects that will be discussed here.

What is a Church?

A church is generally a place of worship for followers of Christianity. The word church is believed to have originated from the Greek ecclesia, meaning an assembly that has been called together. From a physical perspective, both church and chapel are entities used for offering prayers, and a church is a building that contains a chapel. Additionally, the term church is often used to refer to a denomination, for example when a spokesperson discusses the church’s stance on specific issues such as homosexuality or abortion. In the Bible, the word church has been used several times, and it is more than just a building. A passage from the Bible supports the idea that the church is the body of Jesus: “And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.” (Ephesians 1:22-23).

Key Takeaways

  • A church is a separate building dedicated to Christian worship, while a chapel is usually a smaller room within another institution such as a school, military camp, or hospital.
  • The most sacred room in a church is also known as a chapel, reserved for revered activities like prayers, sermons, and singing hymns.
  • The word church is mentioned in the Bible, describing it as the body of Christ, while the word chapel does not have a mention in the Bible.

What is a Chapel?

A chapel is also a place of worship for followers of Christianity. The difference lies in the fact that a chapel is a small room attached to another institution such as a school, airport, or military camp, allowing people to pray. However, the most sacred room in the church is also called a chapel. The chapel situated inside the church has an exalted status not given to other rooms in the church.

Chapels are reserved for revered activities such as prayers, sermons, singing hymns, and more. Other rooms in the church are used for congregations, school classrooms, and other casual activities not related to worship. Sometimes, chapels are also used to hold funerals and choirs. Inside a church, the chapel is the solitary place of worship.

Interestingly, the word chapel is not mentioned in the Bible, while the word church is mentioned a few times. This could be because, in a church setting, the chapel is included as a room within the church. It could also be because chapels were formed in later stages of civilization when people realized they needed a place to pray when they could not get to the church, such as in a hospital or school.

What is the difference between Church and Chapel?

• Definition of Church and Chapel:
• A church is the house of worship to which Christians go to pray to their Lord.
• In reality, a chapel is a small room that is used for Christian worshipping.
• Structure:
• A church is a separate building; a structure of its own.
• A chapel is usually a small room which is a part of another institution such as a military camp, school, hospital, and airport.
• The most sacred room of a church is also known as the chapel.
• Sacredness:
• A church has many other rooms used for worldly activities, but the chapel is the most sacred in a church.
• Mention in the Bible:
• The word church is mentioned in the Bible where it has been described as the body of the Christ.
• Chapel does not find a mention in the bible.

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