Distinguishing Between Conservative & Progressive Ideologies

Key Takeaways

  • Conservatives prefer to maintain the status quo and hold traditional attitudes.
  • Progressives advocate for social reforms and promote change and innovation.
  • The main difference between the two is their approach to social progress and political reforms.

Conservative and Progressive are two ideological principles in politics and social sciences that describe one’s attitude towards social progress. A Conservative has a conservative attitude and does not favor political and social change, while a Progressive supports political and social transformations and innovations.

Who is a Conservative?

A conservative is someone who does not advocate for reforms or changes in the existing system. In politics, a conservative is someone who belongs to the Conservative Party or a similar party elsewhere. Conservatives promote traditional social institutions and governing systems in the context of culture and civilization, believing in an enduring moral order. They also favor balanced budgets, minimal government intrusion, respect for individual rights, free enterprise, and private ownership. Some well-known Conservative parties include the Republican Party (United States), Conservative Party, UK Independence Party (United Kingdom), and the European People’s Party (European Union).

Who is a Progressive?

A Progressive is someone who favors and enacts changes in the existing system, advocating for social progression through transformations. They support and promote change and innovation, implementing social reforms or new liberal ideas. Progressives believe in free access to social facilities like healthcare and education, taxing wealth rather than just income, participatory democracy, prioritizing human rights over property rights, strengthening workers’ rights to unionize and bargain, and celebrating social diversity. Some well-known Progressive parties include the Bull Moose Party or Progressive Party (United States), Progressive Party, London Reform Union (United Kingdom), and The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (European Union).

Similarities Between Conservative and Progressive

Both ideologies are related to politics and social progress.

Difference Between Conservative and Progressive

A Conservative avoids social innovations and holds conventional values, while a Progressive favors social innovations and reforms. Conservatives maintain traditional and conservative attitudes towards social progress, while Progressives promote change and encourage social change. Conservatives adhere to maintaining the existing status quo or an earlier status quo, while Progressives encourage reforming the existing status quo and create a new status quo with reforms. Conservatives do not advocate for political or social reforms, while Progressives always advocate and support political, social, and other forms of reforms.

Summary – Conservative vs Progressive

Conservative and Progressive are ideological aspects concerning politics and social progress, each with unique ideologies regarding the status quo and government reforms. A Conservative focuses on preserving the traditional status quo and avoids social change, whereas a Progressive advocates social reform and innovations in social progress and politics. This difference in approach to social progress and political reforms is the primary distinction between Conservative and Progressive.

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