Distinguishing Between Curriculum & Program

Curriculum vs Program

In contemporary times, the terms curriculum and program have become more prevalent due to rapidly changing content and the introduction of new study programs. These words can be confusing for some people, especially when used together. However, curriculum and program are distinct from one another, even though they are closely related. This article aims to clarify these differences for readers.

After completing their basic 10+2 studies, individuals often encounter the terms program and curriculum when searching for study programs that can serve as a launch pad for a decent job and associated material comforts. The days when there were limited study programs with barely changing curricula are long gone. Nowadays, there are as many study programs as there are opportunities out there in the world. Success in life is not limited to becoming an engineer, doctor, lawyer, or administrative officer. There are industry-oriented programs with curricula designed to produce professionals who are ready for the industry. The MBA study program, for example, has a fluid curriculum that constantly changes to produce managers who are prepared to face today’s challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Curriculum refers to the content a program offers to students, while program refers to different degree or diploma courses available in various study streams.
  • Curriculum is set or determined by an external body with the authority to administer the program to students, and it encompasses not just study material and books, but also teaching methods and student performance assessment.
  • Both the number of programs and their curricula are constantly changing in response to industry demands and changing times.
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
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