Distinguishing Between Cute & Pretty

Cute vs Pretty

Whenever a girl or a group of girls walks by a group of guys in a mall, it is common to hear words like cute, pretty, hot, sexy, beauty, and stunning. This is because guys have different perceptions of girls, and they impulsively express their feelings through these commonly used terms for girls. Two of these terms, cute and pretty, can be confusing for some people, as they may not understand the differences between them. On the surface, they both seem similar, as if they can be used interchangeably. However, there are subtle differences between cute and pretty that will be highlighted in this article.


When we were small kids, we all remember referring to teddy bears as cute. We also remember being called very cute by our elders, with our cheeks often being pinched. If this gives you a clue, a cute girl is someone who looks adorable or funny in some manner. Maybe she is short and chubby and good looking, but she is definitely not hot or sexy, as you would like to pinch her cheeks as if you were talking about your kid sister. Cute girls are often those who have a standout quality, but they are certainly not the ones guys would like to take out on a date. There are guys who use the word cute to be polite, as they do not want to use terms like ugly or normal to hurt the feelings of a girl. You may not have a liking for this girl, and she looks more like Peter Parker’s Mary Jane.


It seems that there is a ranking that guys make for a girl, with cute lying at the bottom of the rung. Pretty is a term that guys use for girls with above-average looks. She is elegant and looks charming but falls short of being dubbed as beautiful. She is dressed properly and looks prim. She is more of a girlfriend material that parents instantly approve for their kids. You would rather call your sister’s friend pretty than hot to be allowed her company by your sister. Pretty for sure deals with facial characteristics, and no one ever used the word for tits or butts.

Key Takeaways

  • Cute is the term that lies at the bottom of a series of words used to describe girls.
  • Pretty lies just above cute and is closer to beautiful.
  • Cute is a term that seems like the girl next door or the Mary Jane of Peter Parker, while pretty is always used for the face and not for the body.
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Gil Tillard
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