Distinguishing Between “Does” & “Is”

Does vs Is

Does is an action word that comes from the verb do. It is the third person singular, simple present tense of Do. If someone is seen doing something often, it is correct to say that he does it rather than say he do it often. Does is also used to ask questions in interrogative questions. If you are not aware of a fact, you can make use of does to start a sentence if it concerns a singular, third person like he or she. Take a look at the following examples.

• Does he play cricket?
• Does she come to school?
• My wife does all the housework.
• He does it perfectly.

Does is also used to express negation. By adding not after the auxiliary verb does, it is possible to give it the appearance of a negating word. Take a look.

• He does not sleep in the class
• She does not laugh when studying


‘Is’ is a verb that is used as a third person singular present indicative tense of ‘to be’. It is a describing word and used commonly with the third person. So, I am sad becomes he is sad and she is sad where ‘is’ describes the condition of the subject. Is also tells us something more about the person as when we tell about the nature, physical appearance, profession etc. of a person. Take a look at the following sentences.

• He is our milkman
• He is a banker
• He is a postman
• She is a tall girl
• She is very talkative

‘Is’ is also used to ask questions.

• Is he the minister in the church?
• Is she angry?
• Is he taking part in the play?

What is the difference between Does and Is?

• Both does and is are verbs expressing different ideas.
• Whereas does comes from the verb ‘do’, is originates from the verb ‘to be’.
• Is describes the condition of the subject such as ‘he is happy’ whereas does tells us the action he is taking as in ‘he does it frequently’.

Key Takeaways

  • Does is an action word that comes from the verb do and is used for third person singular present tense.
  • Is is a verb used as a third person singular present indicative tense of ‘to be’ and is a describing word.
  • Does is used to express actions or negations, while Is is used to describe conditions, appearances, or professions.
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