Distinguishing Between End & Finish

End and Finish are two words in the English language that convey some sort of difference in their meanings. The term ‘end’ is utilized to express ‘got to a close,’ as seen in the sentence, ‘The play ended on a high note.’ The word ‘finish,’ on the other hand, is employed to mean ‘completion,’ as in the statement, ‘Finish the job quickly.’ Both words can also be used as verbs, as in ‘He ended the batsman’s innings’ and ‘He finished his meals.’ The word ‘end’ often appears in phrases such as ‘put an end to,’ ‘at the end,’ ‘in the end,’ and ‘at the end of the day.’

Key Takeaways

  • ‘End’ is used to express the sense of closure, while ‘finish’ is used to convey completion.
  • Both ‘end’ and ‘finish’ can be used as verbs in sentences.
  • ‘End’ is often used in phrases like ‘put an end to,’ ‘at the end,’ ‘in the end,’ and ‘at the end of the day.’
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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