Distinguishing Between Everyone & Everybody

Everyone vs Everybody

Everyone and everybody are indefinite pronouns that often cause confusion for English language learners, as they carry the same meaning and are frequently used interchangeably. When consulting dictionaries, one finds that both pronouns signify ‘every person,’ with each term listed as a synonym for the other. This raises the question: can we use either pronoun in any situation or context? Let’s examine each term more closely.


When a teacher wants to emphasize that all students must be present for a test the following day, they are more likely to use the word “everyone.” For example, consider the sentence:

Everyone should be present tomorrow.

It is clear that the teacher expects every individual in the class to be present at the time of the test. In this sense, “everyone” implies each and every person in the class. The term “everyone” is more formal and feels intimate and personal.


“Everybody” is also an indefinite pronoun, similar to “anybody” and “somebody.” It is used in the same way as “everyone” in a sentence, although many people believe it is less formal and should be limited to spoken English only. For instance, when entering a room and greeting friends, one might say, “Hi everybody.” In a classroom setting, a teacher might instruct students to sit down by saying, “Everybody take a seat, please.” “Everybody” sounds casual and applies in a general sense.

Key Takeaways

  • Everybody and everyone are indefinite pronouns with little difference in meaning.
  • Both pronouns can be used interchangeably without being considered grammatically incorrect, although “everyone” is often seen as more formal and suitable for written English, while “everybody” is more casual and appropriate for spoken English only.
  • Everyone feels more personal and intimate, while everybody is casual and has a more general connotation.
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