Distinguishing Between Executive Producer & Producer Roles

When you go to a theater to watch a film and see the credits at the beginning, you’ll notice the names of the executive producer and the producer of the movie. While many people are familiar with the titles of producer and director in the entertainment world, not everyone knows about the role of an executive producer. Some think that the roles and responsibilities of these two titles are the same and that they are synonymous. However, despite some overlap, there are several key differences between an executive producer and a producer in the entertainment world, which will be highlighted in this article.


A producer is a person responsible for making films, TV serials, and other programs for electronic media. They could be a freelancer, someone hired by a production house, or someone with their own studio complete with all the equipment needed for completing projects. A producer typically works on a specific project and takes on another assignment only after completing their current project. They are involved with the movie from the time they read the script until the promos are ready to be shown on TV and the internet.

Executive Producer

An executive producer is a professional responsible for overseeing the work of the producer, who is appointed to produce the movie on behalf of the studio owners or financiers. An executive producer ensures that the film is completed according to specific production standards within a specified budget. Often, a producer who has generated much of the financial resources themselves is called an executive producer. Most of the time, an executive producer does not get involved with the technical aspects of filmmaking and focuses on their role as a financial resource generator.

An executive producer needs to be well-connected within the entertainment industry, with strong links to investors. They should have an understanding of audience tastes, as they are responsible for completing marketable projects. They must purchase the rights to the story and help develop the screenplay, but hand it over to the producer for the actual filmmaking while continuing to oversee production.

Key Takeaways

  • An executive producer oversees the activities of the producer of a TV show or movie but isn’t directly involved with the day-to-day functioning of a producer.
  • An executive producer is more focused on arranging finances and completing other formalities, allowing the producer to carry on with their role without any issues.
  • The executive producer ensures the project is completed according to agreed-upon technical standards and within budget, while the producer looks after the technical aspects of the movie or serial.
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