Distinguishing Between Fellowships & Scholarships

Fellowship vs Scholarship

Both fellowships and scholarships provide monetary assistance to students pursuing their educational goals. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences between them. Understanding these differences can help students decide which type of aid is most suitable for their needs.


Scholarships are financial grants that do not require repayment from the student. They are typically based on academic performance or other achievements, and are often named after distinguished individuals in various fields. Scholarships can be awarded as a lump sum payment or as a series of payments throughout the duration of a course or degree program.

Scholarships may be awarded through competitive exams or by foundations aiming to support students from underprivileged backgrounds. In either case, the primary goal of a scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students who may not be able to afford their education otherwise.


Fellowships are grants given to students pursuing higher education, often at the graduate or postgraduate level. Eligibility for a fellowship is typically based on academic performance, without consideration of social or financial factors.

Fellowships are usually awarded for a specific duration, which may range from a few months to several years, depending on the length of the course or program. The primary purpose of a fellowship is to recognize and reward high-performing students in their field of study. Fellowships are often given in the form of a monthly stipend.

Key Takeaways

  • Scholarships are available at various educational levels, including high school, while fellowships are generally reserved for higher education.
  • Both scholarships and fellowships are monetary grants, but scholarships are often given as a one-time payment or series of payments, while fellowships are typically provided as monthly stipends.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance and/or financial need, while fellowships are focused on recognizing and rewarding high-performing students in specialized fields after their undergraduate studies.
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