Distinguishing Between Fiance & Would-Be

Fiance vs Would Be

When a man or woman becomes engaged to be married, they are individually referred to as fiancé and fiancée, respectively. In India, the terms “would be husband” or “would be wife” are used instead, causing some confusion about the proper terminology.

What does Fiance mean?

A fiancé is a man who has become engaged to a woman and intends to marry her in the future. The term originates from the French word “fiancer,” which means “to promise.” The period between engagement and marriage, known as courtship, can vary in length.

What does Would be mean?

“Would be” is a term used in India to describe a person who is engaged to be married. It is not a term used in the Western world, which is why some people may be unfamiliar with it. In India, it is common to hear phrases such as “meet my would be husband” or “meet my would be wife.”

Key Takeaways

  • Fiancé and “would be” are terms used to describe a person who is engaged to be married.
  • Fiancé comes from the French word “fiancer,” meaning “to promise.”
  • “Would be” is a term used in India for future husbands or wives.
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