Distinguishing Between Genius & Intelligence

Genius vs Intelligent

Distinguishing a true genius from several intelligent people is not an easy task. While a genius is someone who is exceptionally talented and highly intelligent, it is not accurate to say that all highly intelligent people are geniuses. This article explores the differences between intelligence and genius in an attempt to simplify the concepts.

Key Takeaways:

• Not all intelligent people are geniuses, but all geniuses are highly intelligent.
• A genius is more creative than a person who is only intelligent.
• Creativity leads to the invention of new products and is considered a prerequisite in a genius, while intelligence helps in adapting to different circumstances easily without necessarily being a genius.

Some part of the brain or its activity is responsible for making a person intelligent. However, even scientists do not know what makes one person more intelligent than another. The only tool available to measure a person’s intelligence is their IQ score, which cannot determine if a person is a true genius. People with an IQ score of more than 125 are generally considered very intelligent, but having a high IQ score does not necessarily make someone a genius. Intelligence and the ability to adapt to different circumstances are important factors, but genius also involves creativity. A genius has a creative mind that is much more imaginative and constructive than someone who is merely intelligent.

Research on Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of our time, revealed that his brain was not different from ordinary brains. In fact, the size of his brain was smaller than the average brain size. However, the parietal lobe in his brain was much larger than that found in average people. Additionally, a fissure found in the brains of regular people was missing in Einstein’s brain. Scientists concluded that the absence of this fissure allowed different areas of the brain to communicate with each other quickly and without interruption.

Scientists have discovered that babies whose brains develop faster and become thicker sooner are more intelligent than babies whose brains develop slowly. They also discuss inheritance as a factor when considering a person’s level of intelligence.

It has become widely accepted that IQ tests do not measure the entirety of a person’s intelligence, but rather only a part of it. Most scientists believe that intelligence is made up of analytical ability, but this is only one aspect of intelligence. Creativity and practical ability are other components of intelligence that contribute to a person being highly intelligent. When creativity is significantly higher than in average people, a person qualifies to be considered a genius.

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