Distinguishing Between Geysers & Water Heaters

The idea of using cold water during winter can be quite unsettling, which is why various appliances are used to heat water for purposes such as bathing, washing clothes, cooking, or cleaning utensils. People often use the terms water heater and geyser interchangeably, but are they actually the same thing or different appliances?

Water Heater

Water heaters are essential for making water comfortable to use during winter months. All appliances used for water heating fall under the category of water heaters, including electric kettles, gas-based water heaters, immersion rods, storage water heaters, or instant water heaters that use electricity to heat water. Water requires energy to raise its temperature, which can be provided by gas or electricity. Water heaters are an integral part of our lives, particularly in cold climates.


A geyser is a hot spring that forces hot water and air through an opening in the Earth’s surface. It is a natural phenomenon with around a thousand active geysers currently spewing hot water in the form of steam. Most geysers are found near locations with volcanic activity. However, in the UK and many other Commonwealth countries, the term geyser is often used to describe a water heater installed for domestic use.

Key Takeaways

  • A water heater is any system that provides energy to water to raise its temperature and make it hot or comfortable to use during winter months.
  • A water heater could be an immersion rod, a gas-based element that heats up to heat the water that passes over it, or a storage type water heater that makes use of either gas or electricity to heat the water that is kept hot for a long time through insulation of the tank.
  • A geyser is a natural hot water source, while in the UK, a water heater is informally called a geyser.
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