Distinguishing Between Gigs & Concerts

Gig vs Concert

We often hear the word concert associated with world tours and live performances by singers and composers around the world. Another term, gig, is sometimes used to describe live performances by musicians and singers, causing confusion for many who struggle to differentiate between the two musical events. This article aims to explore whether there are any differences between gigs and concerts or if they are synonymous.


A concert refers to a musical performance given by an artist in an open structure or an auditorium. These live performances are typically large-scale events with tickets sold to audiences who attend to enjoy the evening. A concert may feature a single artist or a collaborative effort. Concerts offer fans an opportunity to hear live music from their favorite artists, which is why they attend these events in large numbers. The term concert is mainly used by audiences and promoters who utilize the word to promote the event and make it successful.


A gig is a term used to describe live performances given by artists, primarily musicians. The word is used informally among artists and typically refers to smaller events than concerts. A mega event by a celebrity singer would not be categorized as a gig.

Key Takeaways

  • Concert and gig are terms used to describe events where singers or musicians perform, but there are differences in scale and usage among the general public.
  • Concerts are associated with large-scale events attended by thousands of spectators and usually take place in stadiums or auditoriums, while a gig typically refers to a smaller event held in a smaller venue with fewer audience members present.
  • Gig is often reserved for events featuring lesser-known artists, whereas the term concert is used when the performer is a celebrity.
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