Distinguishing between Guest Houses & Bed & Breakfasts

When you are visiting a city and require accommodation, there are numerous options available to you such as inns, guesthouses, hostels, dormitories, apartments, and B&Bs. In particular, guesthouses and B&Bs can sometimes be difficult to distinguish, as they both provide lodging and additional facilities. This article will explore the differences between guesthouses and B&Bs.

Guest House

A guesthouse is a lodging facility that is similar to a hotel but typically more affordable. In different countries, guesthouses have varying features and facilities, but one common aspect is that they provide a room with beds for an overnight stay. Some guesthouses may only offer lodging, while others may include food in their charges. Guesthouses often resemble private homes and provide comfort and privacy to their guests, but they usually do not offer room service like a hotel would.


B&B stands for Bed and Breakfast, which refers to a lodging facility that offers both accommodation for an overnight stay and breakfast the following morning. This type of lodging is particularly appealing to tourists who do not wish to start their day on an empty stomach. Private homeowners in popular tourist destinations often convert rooms in their homes to provide B&B services to visitors.

Key Takeaways

  • Both guesthouses and B&Bs provide lodging facilities, but B&Bs also offer the added benefit of breakfast the next morning, which may not be available in guesthouses.
  • Guesthouses are specifically designed to cater to travelers’ lodging needs, while B&Bs are private homes where rooms are converted to accommodate guests.
  • B&Bs are often described as more homely than guesthouses, and are usually family-operated businesses where guests are treated like friends.
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