Distinguishing Between Gumpaste & Fondant

Gumpaste and fondant are both sugar paste types used to decorate cakes, pastries, and other edible items. Gumpaste, also known as sugar dough, is made from dough and sugar with added gums, allowing it to be shaped and formed like clay. It is commonly used to create flower decorations and intricate design details. Fondant, derived from the French word “fon-dohn” meaning melting, comes in two forms: poured fondant and rolled fondant, also called fondant icing. Poured fondants are used to cover entire cakes or as fillings in candies and pastries, while fondant icings are used for decorative purposes, similar to gumpastes.

## Key Takeaways
– Gumpaste is made from dough and sugar, making it suitable for shaping and forming intricate decorations.
– Fondant comes in two types: poured fondant, used for covering cakes and as fillings, and rolled fondant (fondant icing), used for decorative purposes.
– Gumpaste is primarily used for detailed decorations, while fondant is mainly used as a cake covering or coating and as fillings for candies and pastries.

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