Distinguishing Between How About & What About

Key Difference – How About vs What About

The main distinction between “how about” and “what about” lies in their usage; “how about” is typically used for suggestions while “what about” is used for potential problems.

When to Use How About?

“How about” can be used to suggest an action or to open possibilities, often followed by the present participle form of a verb, a pronoun and an infinitive, a noun, or a noun phrase. Examples of “how about” usage include suggesting someone do something, asking someone to give something, or asking someone if they are willing to do something.

When to Use What About?

“What about” generally refers to a potential problem or an object and is used to ask what should be done about something. The expression “what about” is typically followed by a noun or a noun phrase.

Interchangeability of How about and What about

“How about” and “what about” can be used interchangeably in certain contexts, such as asking someone to respond to what was just said or asking whether something or someone is included.

What is the difference between How About and What About?

The primary difference between “how about” and “what about” is their usage: “how about” suggests an action or opens possibilities, while “what about” refers to an object or implies potential problems. Additionally, “how about” is followed by a present participle verb or a pronoun and an infinitive, while “what about” is followed by a noun or a noun phrase.

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