Distinguishing Between Internship & Training

Internship vs Training

The main distinction between an internship and training is that training is typically provided to employees by their employer, while an internship is pursued by students in higher education institutions. Training is designed to enhance employees’ skills, whereas internships allow students in specific fields to gain practical experience in real-world settings. Internships do not guarantee employment within the same company upon completion, unlike training programs. The primary difference between the two lies in the nature of the relationship between the participant and the institution providing or hosting the training or internship.

What is Internship?

An internship can occur at a company, laboratory, or hospital. Students in higher education who have completed their theoretical education in fields such as Management, Chemistry, or Medical Sciences are expected to gain relevant practical experience through internships. The goal of an internship is to apply theoretical knowledge in a work environment. To facilitate internships, higher education institutions may collaborate with corporate entities or government institutions that host the internship. In some cases, students are required to find their own internship opportunities. Interns are not considered permanent employees of the host institution and are generally not paid a significant wage. Interns are also not subject to the same working hours, conditions, rules, and regulations as regular employees. A temporary supervisor from the host company or organization oversees the interns during the internship.

What is Training?

Training can take place in a company, vocational training institute, training center, or even outdoors for outbound training. The purpose of training is to allow permanent or temporary employees of an organization to develop their work-related skills, such as soft skills, leadership skills, technical skills in operating machinery, or language and clerical skills. Training is intended for the further advancement of a specific job or profession. Some organizations may offer permanent positions to temporary staff upon successful completion of training. Additionally, completing training can be a qualification for promotions within a specific line of work. Employees who undergo training receive remuneration from the associated company or institution, unlike internships.

What is the difference between Internship and Training?

When comparing training and internships, it’s important to note that:

  • Training’s objectives are more work-oriented, focusing on learning new skills directly applicable to career development.
  • Internships are designed to gain practical experience rather than learning new skills, with a focus on testing theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.
  • Interns are not subject to the same laws, regulations, or payment structures as regular employees of the company or organization they work for.
  • Trainings provide opportunities for promotion or joining the permanent staff of the same company, while internships do not guarantee job opportunities.

Although training and internships are different in their own ways, both offer valuable learning experiences for participants.

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