Distinguishing Between Jokers & Clowns

Key Difference – Joker vs Clown

Joker and clown both refer to people who make other people laugh. The word joker is usually used to describe a person who makes or plays jokes. A clown is a comedian or jester who entertains by jokes, antics, and tricks in a circus, play or other performance. Thus, the key difference between joker and clown is that joker is a person who is fond of joking whereas clown is a comedian in a performance.

What Does Joker Mean?

The word joker has several related meanings although it generally refers to a person who is fond of joking. It can be used to describe a person who makes or plays jokes. We also use this word informally to refer to inept or foolish people.
He is a bit of a joker.
But the joke was on the joker.
A bunch of jokers started laughing.
Some joker wrote the address wrong.
The word joker is also used to describe a playing card, usually printed with a picture of a jester. This is  used in certain games as the highest ranking card or as a wild card.
Many people also associate the word joker with a character in comic books. Joker is a fictional supervillain who is the nemesis of Batman.

What Does Clown Mean?

A clown is a comic entertainer, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated make-up. Clowns were traditionally a part of a circus. They usually perform slapstick or similar types of physical comedy, often in a mime style. There are different types of clowns.
Whiteface clowns are the oldest type of clowns. This type is divided into two: neat and grotesque. Neat whiteface clowns use little color on the face, but their costumes are white. They are the more intelligent and sophisticated than grotesque clowns.
The grotesque or auguste clowns use a variation of pink, red, tan, and white on their face.  Their features are exaggerated in size and are typically in bold colors. They are dressed in bold colors, and large prints or patterns. Bozo and Ronald McDonald are famous examples of this kind of clowns.

What is the difference between Joker and Clown?

Joker can refer to
– a person who makes or plays jokes
– inept or foolish person
– a playing card
– character in a comic book
Clown is someone who performs in a circus, who wears funny clothes and makeup, and who tries to make people laugh.

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