Distinguishing Between Journals & Magazines

Journal vs Magazine

There is often confusion between the terms journal, magazine, and periodical, with many people using them interchangeably. While there are similarities and overlapping features, there are also distinct differences between these types of publications.


Magazines are periodicals that are published on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, or bimonthly. They typically have a soft cover and contain colorful images and text meant to be appealing and engaging. Examples of magazines include Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, Time, and Newsweek. These publications are aimed at the general public and feature content that is easily accessible and not too technical. Magazines may cover a variety of subjects, from politics and entertainment to sports and lifestyle topics.


Journals, on the other hand, are periodicals that contain articles written by experts in a specific field. They are not meant for the general public but rather for specialists and researchers. The content in journals is often technical and scholarly in nature, focusing on original research and using specialized terminology. Journals are specific to a particular area of study, such as linguistics, medicine, or photography.

Key Takeaways
– Magazines are aimed at the general public and contain easily accessible content, while journals target specialists and researchers with technical, scholarly articles.
– Magazines often feature colorful images and illustrations, whereas journals typically do not.
– Journals always pertain to a specific academic field, while magazines may cover various subjects or focus on a single topic.

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