Distinguishing Between Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers

Landscape Architect vs Landscape Designer

Have you ever been amazed by the beauty and planning of outdoor spaces created by humans, such as amusement parks, recreational areas, and other structures? It is almost magical how a barren piece of land can be transformed into a stunning structure or facility. This is the work of a landscape architect, who draws and redraws diagrams on paper to come up with a plan that is eventually brought to life. There is another related term, landscape designer, which can cause confusion and make people wonder if there is any difference between the two professions.

Landscape Architect

The planning and design of a landscape are carried out by a professional called a landscape architect. These professionals are given land areas to plan and design according to the requirements and specifications of builders, whether it’s for recreational parks, malls, airports, or even highways. While landscape architects spend most of their time inside air-conditioned offices drawing projects on paper, they also visit the site that needs to be developed from time to time. They can either work for a construction firm or as a full-time professional, with their services available from the initial consultation until the end of the project’s construction.

Becoming a landscape architect has different requirements in different states. In Vermont, passing a four-year degree course is sufficient, while Arizona requires four years of work experience and passing a licensing exam. There have been cases where someone has become a landscape architect without formal education but had to pass the licensing exam after several years of work experience.

Landscape Designer

It is common for people to call themselves landscape designers while performing the same duties as a landscape architect. This is because the law requires an educational degree or licensing exam certificate to work as a landscape architect. Someone not registered with the state authorities as a landscape architect can still perform the role, but they are labeled as a landscape designer. There are no educational or formal training requirements for a landscape designer.

Key Takeaways

  • Landscape architects have formal education, training, and work experience, while landscape designers may not.
  • A landscape architect has completed a four-year degree course and holds a licensing certificate from the relevant state authority.
  • An individual without the license and educational requirements for the job is labeled as a landscape designer.
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